The Disaster Series

I've been concerned with the idea of representing order versus chaos. I deal with this by symbolizing chaos in the surface texture and order in the over-laying composition.

I glue a variety of papers onto a wood panel, loosely arranged to echo the intended composition of the given picture. I then draw over the collage, breaking up the space with orthogonal geometry (all marks determined using right angles), lending an organizational element to the piece. Finally, I paint into this grid with thin washes of paint, their transparency showing the unexpected results of painting over uneven textures. I refer to my style as Organic Geometry.

In the last four years I became transfixed with disaster imagery that I found through numerous news sources. I felt that the scenes of chaos, whether by natural or human causes, tended toward very unusual juxtapositions of colors and shapes. However, the images surprisingly included visual patterns, repetition and rational object arrangements. Somehow, mayhem and beauty were concurrently present. The paintings here are based on a variety of these disaster scenes.

Dug Morton,
January 2007